April 2014

ShellAware is pleased to announce the addition of SoDel Group's fine dining establishments:

Bluecoast                            Catch 54                                  Fish On!
to the growing list of responsible companies that are contributing oyster shells to help rebuild the oyster population and clean up the Chesapeake, Delaware and Inland Bays.     Matt Haley is a supporter of recycling efforts throughout his group of companies, and we thank him and his staff for putting forth the effort!

April 2014

ShellAware is pleased to announce the addition of the Ropewalk restaurant in Fenewick Island to the growing list of responsible local companies that are contributing oyster shells to help rebuild the oyster population.   Introduced to ShellAware by the Oyster Recovery Partnership program director Bryan Gomes.   Our participation in ORP began in January 2011 as  part of our start-up under Clean Green Horizons administration.

July 2014

Center For the Inland Bay begins the "Don't Chuck the Shucks" campaign supported by The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and The Nature Conservancy.    Shellaware has provided over 800 bushels of shell to the CIB.  We wish them well!

July 2014 

Catchers restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, has joined with ShellAware and Don't Chuck the Shucks to participate in oyster shell recovery.   We all love the crabs at Catchers, and anticipate collecting crab shells also in the near future.   Please visit them for fresh seafood and fun in RB!

June 2014

Thank you to John Ewart the Aquaculture Specialist at the University of Delaware's Marine Sciences Lab in Lewes.   ShellAware has built up the shell pile there for use in the Living Seashore program supported by Sea Grant.    We will continue to support the shell pile to keep him well supplied to enhance the important work that is done at the facility.   

June 2014

Rusty Rudder is back in business, we want to thank them for continuing to contribute oyster and clam shells to ShellAware.   We expect them to participate in the Don't Chuck the Shuck program with the Center for the Inland Bays. Please visit the treasure on the Bay

February 2014


Thank you to Leigh Giangreco from the Gannet Press for her article in the Coast Press called "Spawning Shell Recycling"  which made the cover.   ShellAware is pleased to be a part of this important ecosystem restoration effort.

August 2014

To all the people that knew and loved Matt Haley, we are so sad for your loss.  He was always willing to help support our mission as we are sure he was willing to help everyone he encountered.     With that example in mind, we are more committed than ever to pass on that giving spirit to the next person we meet.   Listening to their story so we can understand who they are, and by doing so live up to Matt's belief in each of us.   The show must go on!   Thank you Matt for creating an amazing legacy that will benefit Delmarva and the world for many years to come.

August 2014

Thank you to everyone involved at all of our participating restaurants,

segregating the shell.   Your efforts have contributed some 6,400 pounds of oyster shells to the Center for the Inland Bays so far this summer.   Can't wait to get those months that end in an 'R' for the real oyster season to begin.


>Mio Fratello-

>Just Hooked-

>Off the Hook-

>The Wharf-

September 2014

As we fall into the next season we would like to thank the Oyster Recovery Partnership for their continued partnership with ShellAware as we create a new industry here in Delaware; Commercial market-driven ecosystem service restoration services. The first project which is in the Initiation stage will be the first comprehensive private oyster restoration service for ecologically minded private home owners throughout the Delaware Inland Bays.


Thank you to all of the new participants, your contribution is much appreciated.    ShellAware participated with the Oyster Recovery Partnership at Fager's Island Shellshocked event where we meet hundreds of happy oyster eaters, as well as many expert shuckers.   It was awesome to see the entrepreneurs of the successful aqua-culture industry in Maryland and Virginia in action, providing fresh oysters for the crowd to enjoy.  If private, public and community stakeholders share a similar vision for Delaware and cooperate we can achieve similar success.

Winter 2015

Thanks to everyone at the Georgetown Fire Company's 78th Annual Oyster fest held in February.   With over 900 gentlemen in attendance, they consumed over 125 bushels of oysters.   What a scene! And with such a long history ,Shellaware was honored to participate as the exclusive oyster shell collection company of the event.    Our outreach efforts communicated the importance of collecting the shell for restoration purposes to many of the attendees.    We are pleased to be chosen to collect the oyster shell next year for the 79th oyster fest.