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ShellAware in Delaware


Founded: 2009

Owner: Joe Casey


Areas of expertise:  Waste Mining, environmental management, carbon dioxide off-set project development, green entrepreneur, sustainability professional, ISSP member

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PROBLEM: Crab Shells bagged and in the trash
Crab shells from the many local crab houses have been thrown in the trash as the norm. Recently, ShellAware started the first crab shell collection project in Delaware.    We estimate that hundreds of tons of crab shells go into the trash each year.   And due because of the smell they often contaminate many hundreds of tons of recyclable material such as paper and plastic that also are wasted.     Responsible restaurant owners are left in a tough situation that has until now had no solution but to waste this potentially valuable resource.

 SOLUTION: Crab Shell Segregation and Collection Service

Similar to the ShellAware Oyster and Clam Shell collection services, crab houses now can participate in the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle here on the Delmarva Peninsula. 

  1. ShellAware in Delaware will provide education and training to restaurant staff on segregation procedures and the why of the program. 
  2. Free sealable containers that will hold the odors in between pick ups
  3. Regular pick ups with 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week
  4. In restaurant awareness building material to make the project know to every crab, clam and oyster eater
  5. Yearly reporting on the quantities of shell collected with an estimate of the positive impact on the local environment

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