Our Mission

Create awareness of the importance of mining crab, clam and oyster shells from restaurant  trash  with a  market driven solution that is sustainable and does not require government funding.

  • Oyster shells that are returned to the water help build the oyster populations in the Chesapeake, Delaware and Inland Bays.
  • Crab shells used as a substitute for petroleum based soil additives
  • Clam shells are mixed to create road bedding material or as substrate for new oyster beds 


It’s important for us to be as clear about what we do to help create awareness of market driven opportunities to divert shells from landfills while satisfying important social goals that build community support for recycling of shells from all sources.   ShellAware is not a tax exempt entity.  Clean Green Horizons LLC has contributed the time, energy and funds to start and maintain these services to create the basis for a commercial enterprise doing social good.

Here on the Delmarva Peninsula we are fortunate to live around such an abundance of water. The Bays and their tributaries are filled with aquatic life that depend on clean water to thrive.   Our local economy is dependent upon the enjoyment of  these natural resources by  the public and the fresh seafood for our local restaurants.   However we all must become aware of the costs to the local environment of our actions.   And find simple steps to help maintain these precious resources for future generations.

Clean Water

  • Education Events
  • On-going staff training
  • Free sealable containers
  • Collection on a regular basis
  • Tracking and reporting quantity back to participants

“I never realized what a need there was for Oyster shells to help build up the oyster population in the Bays.


Bob the Oyster Eater,

Local Shellaware contributor

“It's important to replenish the oyster supply, as it is a limited resource.   Not only is this vital for our business, it is vital for the entire Delmarva Peninsula. Without the ShellAware program our oyster shells would have been going in the trash over the last three years.  They provide excellent service.  And if I donate the labor to segregate the oyster shells they donate the labor and transportation to collect them, all of it without any tax payer funds!"


Jeff Hamer,

Owner, Fins and Claws

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Local Focus

February 2011

Big Fish Group is first local restaurant to sign up for ShellAware oyster shell collection


25 September 2013

Fins Adds second location oyster shells rule

Local Oyster Eater 2012

Bob loves oysters, and now he is Shellaware in Delaware and recycles his shells

Global Impact


Developing solutions to global environmental issues, such as the depletion of fisheries, can be achieved if we believe it needs be done.  We can create collaborative and sustainable ecosystem restoration actions based on that belief.   Simple steps we can take with a positive attitude about the outcomes with gratitude for what we have.  


ShellAware is thankful to all of the hands that touch the shell, place it in the drum, and closes the lid so the flies don't get in.   Grateful for all of the owners that support the program spending labor hours to segregate the shell.  All of this help makes a solution that is sustainable and worthwhile.  


Together we are demonstrating a solution, informing the people so they are aware "here is a solution", and best of all they are involved in the solution's success by becoming ShellAware!

February 2014

Coast Press does article "Spawning Shell Recycling"